Getting Ready for a Book Launch: My Latest Novel

I’m getting ready for the book launch of my latest novel.

Yes, I’ve finished it: my latest book, Shade Under the Mango Tree.

I started it more than two years ago but, in the middle of writing it, my husband and I went through a crisis. He has had Parkinson’s disease for a few years and he suffered complications from it.

By year’s end, he gave up the fight.

For months after his loss, I couldn’t write. Couldn’t channel my grief into something creative. In fact, I couldn’t focus. I passed my days in disbelief (or, maybe, refusing to accept) I’ve lost my soulmate.

mango tree
Earlier this year, I resolved to focus on myself a little more. That meant getting back to books. Reading. Writing.

I had neglected not only my author site but my other two blogs where I posted book reviews or wrote morsels on art, travel, and food. I began writing blog posts again.

Eventually, I picked up the manuscript I was working on. It’s now in Edit mode. It has gone through developmental editing and four beta readers and will soon be copy edited. I’m getting a book cover designed for it. I’m already planning a book launch.

What is the book about?

Here’s a blurb that I will continue to tweak:

In an epistolary tale of courage, resilience of the human spirit, and the bonds that bring diverse people together, Luna breaks out of her safe cocoon after two heartbreaking losses.
Raised by her grandmother in Hawaii, her parents take her back to California when she’s thirteen. Grandma persuades her to write a journal to substitute for someone to whom she could reveal intimate thoughts and which she could share with Grandma. Years later, distracted after a breakup, she forgets the journal at a café.
Lucien finds it, reads it, and is intrigued by the naive, idealistic writer. But Luna has left no way to identify her.
Months later—maybe as fate would have it—they meet at a bookstore where Luna works and which Lucien frequents. Still hurting from losing her first love, Luna’s Grandma dies. Devastated, she finds solace in Lucien’s company and his tales of world travel.
Inspired by Lucien, Luna volunteers for the Peace Corps. What she goes through in a Cambodian village defies anything she could have imagined.

mango, pastel

If anyone of you is interested in an advance reader copy (ARC) to review, please contact me.

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