Survey About Illuminated Manuscripts: Results

After my first self-edited draft of my latest book, The Golden Manuscripts Book 6 of the series Between Two Worlds, I wondered how many readers knew about illuminated manuscripts. So as part of my research,I decided to do a survey of readers in my relatively small mailing list. The results below are interesting, but they only provide a glimpse, and may not be representative of all readers.

Thirty-five per cent say they know what illuminated manuscripts are, though not all in this group seemed to have read or seen a film about them. To me, the survey revealed a hopeful statistic: 75% are willing to read a book on illuminated manuscripts.

Très Belles Heures de Duc de Berry

Do you know what an illuminated manuscript is?
Yes: 35.14%
26 votes
No: 64.86%
48 votes

Have you read a book or seen a movie about illuminated manuscripts? Check all that apply.
Yes, a fiction book: 10.26%
8 votes
Yes, a nonfiction book: 8.97%
7 votes
Yes, a film: 6.41%
5 votes
No, neither book nor movie: 74.36%
58 votes

What do you think an illuminated manuscript is? Check all that apply.
An illustrated book: 20.00%
19 votes
A graphic novel: 1.05%
1 votes
A handwritten book: 11.58%
11 votes
A book with gilded illustrations: 42.11%
40 votes
A book that flourished in medieval times: 15.79%
15 votes
None of the above: 9.47%
9 votes

Would you read a novel about illuminated manuscripts?
Yes: 75.76%
50 votes
No: 24.24%
16 votes

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