Well-Crafted And Gripping: The Golden Manuscripts

Expertly blending well-crafted romance and high-stakes adventure, The Golden Manuscripts by Evy Journey is a descriptive escape into an exciting world of discovery, struggle, and growth.

Daughter of a career diplomat, Clarissa’s life begins by criss-crossing the globe, but her passion for art drives her forward, straight into a hunt for a historic treasure, and into an unexpected relationship that will come to define her life. This long-form tale of Clarissa’s life, along with some love and looting, is entrancing and educational, particularly her tête-à-têtes with Nathan, which are both flirtatious and fascinating to follow, making for an outstanding duo of lead characters.

Page,Illuminated Manuscript

Journey is a patient storyteller, from the very first scene of marvelous discovery to every nuanced point of character development. Rarely does the writing feel rushed, and yet it also moves forward at an intoxicating pace. For those who appreciate the details of the art world, Evy spares no detail, from theft and provenance to forgers and the cutthroat world of high-art collecting. The level of research such a novel would require is impressive, but to simultaneously write about art with such engrossing passion elevates the novel considerably, inspiring the same degree of fascination.

Though the dialogue can be overly concise, and there are some choppy stretches of narration, this unpredictable story is overall well-crafted and gripping. For readers who appreciate rich descriptions, adrenaline-fueled sequences, and a good bit of history, this novel is an exceptional installment of the author’s epic standalone series.–Self-Publishing Review

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