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The best thing, so far, about the Virtual Book Blog Tour: Book Reviews for Hello, My Love. I find the feedback quite useful.  I’m changing the cover and have made a bit of revision  in one chapter based on these reviews.   I had earlier relied on subtext to indicate motivation but subtext probably works only on careful reading, and reading for entertainment is usually quick.  So I’ve added some dialogue in the chapter on Rekindling to make motivations more  explicit.

The reviews for Hello, Love from this blog tour are contained in this post.  There will be six reviews in all, the last one scheduled for November 15th.  As of today, only five reviews are up,but I will be adding the last  once it’s posted.

I have requested tour hosts to post these reviews on amazon and goodreads but it seems there are problems doing that.   So, I decided my best bet is to gather them here.

I would like to thank these reviewers for their helpful comments.

Review #5 from Forever Book Lover

This book’s main quality is how realistic the story is. Greg took over his father’s business, and ever since he’s been a mix of hardworking business tycoon and playboy. He asks advice from an economic professors and meets his daughter, Elise. From the moment they meet, he feels a pull toward her, but he’s afraid she’s not interested at all.

One night spend together with passion rising up high, changes Greg’s life forever. He breaks up with his fiance, takes a break from the world of popularity and dating, and turns his life around. But for Elise, the experience is life-changing as well, except in a totally different way.

Will they find each other again? And if they do, will they still have feelings for each other?

At first, I thought Greg was a bit stereotypical, but the more I got to know him, the more I liked him. He was passionate, caring and determined, and I liked his determination the most.

Elise felt like one of those passive heroines. Instead of taking matters into her own hands – like giving Greg a call after everything that happened, or taking a chance with him before they spend that night together – she let life happen to her. She let things happen, but didn’t do anything herself. It was actually rather refreshing to see a heroine behave like that. I’m getting tired of stubborn, annoying, “wild” women in contemporary romance that need to be “tamed” by their alpha male. Elise felt normal, regular, like your ordinary girl next door. She and Greg were equals for the most part.

It was a nice, romantic read. I liked how there was a suspense subplot thrown in, and how her parents played a large role in Elise’s life.

Review #4 from Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

Greg takes his business seriously, but his relationships not half as much. That is, until he meets Elise, the daughter of an economic professor he’s been consulting with. Elise opens up something inside of him, shows him a part of him he never knew he had. He wants to get to know her, but she’s not exactly friendly toward him.

When he’s invited to one of her parents’ dinner parties, he sees her again, and the more they get to know each other, the more she opens up to him. They become friends, or maybe something more, and two days before Greg’s wedding to another woman, the unthinkable happens.

Greg realizes he’s in love with her, but if he wants to be with her, he’ll have to deal with the demons of his past first. Else they may threaten not only him, but Elise as well.

The book is quite raw, down-to-earth. There may be a hint of magic in the love between Greg and Elise, but apart from that, the book could’ve been ripped straight out of everyday life. It tells a love story the way it might have really happened, not overly flowerish or overly feel-good like you may expect from romance novels.

I actually liked that the most about this book. The story of Greg and Elise is something that could happen to anyone, anytime. Their love also builds over time, it’s not love at first sight, and that’s another bonus.

A good read, with solid writing and memorable characters.

Review #3 from Endazzled Reading:

Hello! A Modern Love Story sounds like a simple, uncomplicated book. The opposite is true, however. The book is complex, the characters are complex, and rather than a feel-good love story, it’s a far more realistic account of a romance blossoming, and then dying out, and then being rekindled later on.

Elise is still in college and studying to become a lawyer, when she meets Greg, a friend of her father’s. Although older than she is, they become friends. But Elise always keeps distance between them. She knows of Greg’s reputation with women, and she doesn’t want her own heart to get broken too. However, two days before Greg’s wedding, they spend the night together. Elise realizes she’s in love – which she’s never been before – and Greg cancels the wedding, overwhelmed by his own feelings.

But his bride-to-be doesn’t take the cancellation well, and Greg stays away from Elise because he’s worried about her own safety. Meanwhile, Elise suffers through heartbreak and a lot more.

I liked Elise, except it kept bothering me why she never called Greg after what happened, especially when she found out he cancelled his wedding. Would it have been so difficult to give him a phonecall? She would’ve saved herself a lot of pain and misery if she had.

Greg was all right, but it bothered me that he waltzed back into Elise’s life, pretended like nothing happened and he didn’t disappear for more than a year.

The first part and last part of the book were the best. I didn’t like the parts where Greg and Elise were seperated, and their rekindling was a bit too rushed for me. I loved the suspense plot thrown in. Elise’s parents were great side characters as well.

Their rating: B+

Review #2 from I heart reading

Hello! A Modern Love Story is a little different from most of the contemporary romance novels I’ve read so far. We meet Greg and Elise when they already know each other for over a year. Greg has felt attracted to Elise from the first moment he laid eyes upon her, but the feeling isn’t mutual. When they get to know each other better, however, Elise starts trusting him and starts developing feelings for him. When they spend a night together two days before his marriage to another woman, it’s an eye-opener for both of them, and they realize they’re in love with each other.

But Greg struggles with his ex-fiancée, Lori, who wants to make his life a living hell. Worried something might happen to Elise, he wants to deal with his current issues first. Elise thinks their night together was nothing but a fling for Greg, and even though she suffers the results of that fateful night, she adapts to her new life, without Greg in it.

Two years later, Greg attempts to reconnect with Elise, but he may run into some unexpected surprises.

I liked the initial set up of the two of them, both attracted to each other, spending one night together and realizing they’re in love for the first time in their lives. I could live with what happened next, but Greg’s decision to disappear off the face of the earth for two years baffled me. And how easily Elise let him back into her life, accepting his absence and his lame excuse he was on a journey to find himself, baffled me even more. Nobody seemed to care, or even be remotely mad at him, for not giving them any news for over two years. I had trouble grasping why she let him off the hook so easily.

Apart from that, I enjoyed the story. It’s very down to earth, with which I mean there’s nothing dreamy about it – it talks about life the way it is, without rushing into fantasies about prince charmings and being rescued and damsels in distress. The author manages to portray the characters and their emotions quite well.

If you like contemporary romance that focuses more on the characters and their growth than about the actual romance, then you’ll probably like this book. If it’s truly reminiscent of the authors it’s inspired by, like Jane Austen, well, I’m not sure about that. There’s an element of mystery but it’s an easy mystery to solve, and doesn’t take up a huge part of the book.

Their rating: 4/5

Review #1 from Bookaholic Ramblings

Hello! A Modern Love Story was unlike anything I expected. I went in thinking I’d read just another love story, but I was wrong. The book takes a literary, novel approach to the subject and follows the main characters from the moment they meet to the moment they realize they’re attracted to each other. A lot of things are going on in their lifes that have nothing to do with the romance, but that shapes them into three-dimensional characters one can easily relate to. Their struggles are very real, as are their emotions, but life isn’t always a fairytale.

I enjoyed the writing style. It was new, different and refreshing to have a literary spin on the romanc genre. The novel wants to be a modern-day version of 19th century romance novels, and I think it succeeds.

My major pet peeve would be the cover though. The cover isn’t enticing at all, and a book of this level, should’ve had a different, better cover. This is another lesson of don’t judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately lots of people do that, and it probably won’t work in this book’s advantage.

An interesting, unique read that I recommend to fans of literary novels and romance novels.

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