Hello My Love — Intense, Engaging — 5/5 Readers Favorite

“… so well crafted in the style of Nicholas Sparks. Readers Favorite review of Hello My Love

img_0120 Hello My Love : A Modern Love Story by Evy Journey is Book One in the Between Two Worlds series, a well-written romance that is character-driven and uncharacteristically gripping. Elise Halverson may appear to be a serious, intelligent, and career oriented kind of woman. Yes, this beautiful and intelligent girl has a future she’s looking forward to. Not even the handsome and most eligible bachelor, playboy Greg Thorpe, can cause her a moment’s distraction. That is just what she appears to be or to think.

Hello My Love readers fav reviewBut when Greg starts appearing frequently at the dinner parties her parents throw, they begin to bump into each other and, in spite of her   discipline and strength of character, Elise Halverson finds herself irrevocably drawn to this man and her protective shell starts cracking. It is on the night before Greg’s wedding that they decide to take their attraction to the next level. For Elise it would just be a “one-night stand” and while Greg might be helpless towards a woman who’s intrigued him all this while, this one night will trigger a chain reaction with painful   repercussions. Can the two really belong to each other? What happens to Greg’s fiancée?

There is a lot to look forward to in this romance slash mystery story. First off, I am not a keen fan of romance, except this one is so well crafted in the style of Nicholas Sparks. Readers will enjoy the unpredictability of the plot, the twists, and the depth of character. How does a man react to a complicated love triangle? One of the things Evy Journey does so well is that she explores the depth of human emotion and psychology, and it will be interesting to see how the characters evolve through the conflict.
Hello My Love (Between Two Worlds Book 1) is intense, with tight writing in a fast-paced and engaging romance.

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