SPR Independent Woman Author Awards: I Got One!

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IMG_0650Self Publishing Review honored me with a Bronze Author Award last week, citing my writing as the main criterion for which they picked me as one of their three awardees for the 2015 SPR Independent Woman Author Awards.

Here’s what they say:

BRONZE PRIZE: Evy Journey, Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

Evy is a sheer force of writing. She writes all the time, everywhere, be it blogging, tweeting, or writing her novels. Her love of writing and for meeting her own benchmarks for excellence in her products stands out, with her themed book covers and carefully edited prose. The judges felt Evy is a great example of a writer who writes, rather than someone who authors a book, and that seems to be the power needed in self-publishing today. Evy is also a fascinating character with some strong opinions on being an Asian American writer, so it’s worth checking out her blogs.

” … a writer who writes, rather than someone who authors a book … ” That’s the phrase that jumped out at me. It captures the principal reason I’m an author.   Thank you so much, SPR, for recognizing that.

Of course, in this era of countless options and greater freedom in publishing, writing alone won’t get you anywhere far in selling your packaged words. One important message these awards convey is how essential marketing and promotion are now for success as a self-publisher.

Not only must you be the best writer you can be. You must also be the best promoter and marketer you could possibly be. In fact, your ability to promote and market your books will spell commercial success more surely than your ability as a writer.

For the Gold, SPR says:

WINNER: Megan Tayte

Megan’s dedication to her book campaigns and her marketing products wowed the judges, and show that it is possible to do it all if you are this determined to make your mark in self-publishing. Megan’s efforts stood out above all others in the contest, showing she is a truly committed and talented self-publisher. We felt this is what self-publishing can and should be. Megan has spent time with her editing, designing, and publicity to a point where her book series becomes a serious viable and commercial enterprise.

It’s a tall order, but it can be and has been done.

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