Art Is In Every Book You Read

Art is in every book you read. Marcel Duchamp, notorious in the art world for having successfully argued that a urinal is art—thus ushering in the Avant Garde—would probably agree with me. Monsieur Duchamp aside,  images are both essential and … Continued

Online Book Club Review of The Golden ManusManuscripts

In The Golden Manuscripts: A Novel, Evy Journey skillfully intertwines two narratives that delve into the complex themes of racial identity and the repercussions of stolen art from WWII. The story revolves around a biracial protagonist, Clarissa, and a WWII … Continued

Well-Crafted And Gripping: The Golden Manuscripts

Expertly blending well-crafted romance and high-stakes adventure, The Golden Manuscripts by Evy Journey is a descriptive escape into an exciting world of discovery, struggle, and growth. Daughter of a career diplomat, Clarissa’s life begins by criss-crossing the globe, but her … Continued