5-Star Readers’ Favorite Review: The Shade Under The Mango Tree

The Shade Under the Mango Tree by Evy Journey is a cultural work of art. It follows Luna and Lucien with different backgrounds and family ties, but who come together out of fate. Lucien finds Luna’s moleskin journal in a coffee shop. His interest is piqued when he reads the first few pages. This woman has bared her soul. He feels the need to understand her—to find her—and only then can his curiosity be quenched. Luna has gone through so much in her life. All the little pieces that make her Luna are found in the people who raised her. But after certain losses affect Luna’s life, so much is unknown. What does it mean to be Luna?

The Shade Under the Mango Tree explores different families in different situations. What parents do affects their children and their children’s children. The cycle goes on and on. But it is these very decisions and experiences that shape a person’s life. Combine that with grief and loss, happiness and love, and you have the human experience. Evy Journey says this of her works: “Love is at the core of all my stories. Aren’t they in everyone’s if you allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to another? Love strips you bare, opens you up to both happiness and pain. Still, my novels won’t fit neatly into the romance genre.” It all comes down to love. Pure and simple. And I enjoyed reading about these separate kinds of love, how they learned from them, and why. The Shade Under the Mango Tree is an emotional and meaningful story.

Reviewed by Hayley Haun for Readers’ Favorite

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