Bohemian Artists, Mid-1800s

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Bohemian. A word often uttered with a mix of admiration, confusion, and mockery. Usually we think of a bohemian as someone who’s unconventional, footloose and carefree. Quite likely, she’s also an artist or maybe, a writer. A place called Bohemia … Continued

A Closer Look At Our Multicultural Society: Ebook and Paperback Giveaways

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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, as diverse and big a melting pot as any you’d find in American cosmopolitan areas. I’ve lived in and traveled to Asian and European cities. Been exposed to many cultures and all … Continued

Stark Truth: Behind the Beautiful Forevers

My latest novel, The Shade Under the Mango Tree, takes the reader to a foreign culture. I’ve traveled to Asia, Europe, and parts of North Africa so it might have been inevitable that I would write about experiencing other cultures … Continued

5-Star Readers’ Favorite Review: The Shade Under The Mango Tree

The Shade Under the Mango Tree by Evy Journey is a cultural work of art. It follows Luna and Lucien with different backgrounds and family ties, but who come together out of fate. Lucien finds Luna’s moleskin journal in a … Continued

iReads Book Tour: The Shade Under the Mango Tree

The Shade Under the Mango Tree is on a virtual iReads Book Tour. A relatively global one―that is, it goes to other countries like Canada, the UK, and India. Even Egypt. Book Tours are more fun when they include giveaways. … Continued

Booklife Review: Shade Under the Mango Tree

Journey (Margaret of the North) offers a globe-spanning voyage that explores heartbreak, budding love, growing up, and developing connections with others. Luna works at a bookstore and spends her life traveling between California and Hawai’i, but craves adventure. Lucien, a … Continued

San Francisco Book Review: Shade Under the Mango Tree

(Spoiler Alert) Luna grew up with her grandmother in Hawaii until the age of thirteen. Afterward, she moved to join her parents and brothers in California, where she continued her education and university studies. Her beloved grandmother gave her a … Continued

First Professional Review: The Shade Under the Mango Tree

Here’s the first professional review of my latest book by Self-Publishing Review, cross-posted on the Independent Review of Books. The book will be free for the next two days: November 17 and 18. Get your free copy. And if you … Continued

Packing Lightly ― Travel in Fiction and in Life

The protagonists of my latest novel, The Shade Under the Mango Tree, travel into exotic places. An experience I can easily relate to. Like the hero who backpacked at home and abroad, I remember spending summers as a college student … Continued

Greatness in a book of fiction ― Show, don’t tell?

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What makes for greatness in a book of fiction? Maybe this is a question impossible to answer for currently published books because only time can tell. I did read a book some time ago that I thought was the greatest … Continued