5-Star Readers’ Favorite Review: The Shade Under The Mango Tree

The Shade Under the Mango Tree by Evy Journey is a cultural work of art. It follows Luna and Lucien with different backgrounds and family ties, but who come together out of fate. Lucien finds Luna’s moleskin journal in a … Continued

Packing Lightly ― Travel in Fiction and in Life

The protagonists of my latest novel, The Shade Under the Mango Tree, travel into exotic places. An experience I can easily relate to. Like the hero who backpacked at home and abroad, I remember spending summers as a college student … Continued

Getting Ready for a Book Launch: My Latest Novel

I’m getting ready for the book launch of my latest novel. Yes, I’ve finished it: my latest book, The Shade Under the Mango Tree. I started it more than two years ago but, in the middle of writing it, my … Continued