Hello, Agnieszka A Five-Star Readers’ Favorite

Hello, Agnieszka A Five-Star Readers’ Favorite

The Views from Three Readers:

RFAfter her son tried to commit suicide, Agnieszka was left with no choice but to reveal a well-kept secret to her kids in order to help them understand their brother’s actions. Starting from when she was eight, she told her family her life story, with the hope that this would make them understand her journey and the choices she made along the way. She told them about the very complicated relationship she had with her parents, the betrayal and rejection she suffered at the hands of those who should have loved and protected her, and about finding love the first time and then a second time. For the very first time, she opened up to her kids in a story about a complex and sad childhood, betrayal, making tough choices, losing love to a sad tragedy, and finding love again.

Hello, Agnieszka by Evy Journey is a captivating, bitter-sweet love story. I was deeply touched, saddened and inspired by Agnieszka’s story as she narrated it to her children. E. Journey brought out all the emotions in the story perfectly. I was amazed by how deeply the story touched me and how much I connected with the main character. At times, I found myself smiling with tears in my eyes. That is how profoundly emotional this story was for me; one scene could make me smile and cry all at once. I was amazed at how Agnieszka survived against the odds, and the help and support that came her way in her time of need was inspirational. Hello, Agnieszka ! Is flawlessly written with a unique plot developed to give the reader an emotional experience. I absolutely loved reading it and could not put it down until the very end. It is one of those love stories so phenomenal that it touches your heart forever. ★★★★★Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

Hello, Agnieszka! (Between Two Worlds Book 2) by author E. Journey is simply a remarkable piece of literature that I certainly enjoyed for three nights on end. From start to finish, E. Journey transported me deep into a world of family, past cultural roots, sickness and a new found realization of life in an ever-changing world. While this novel is a follow-up to the first titled Hello, My Love! (aka: A Modern Love Story) (Between Two Worlds Book 1), book two can be read as a standalone. Granted, as with all series, if you read the first book you will gain a deeper understanding of the characters and overall plot. Regardless if you have read the first or not, book two is captivating and will sweep you away in a memorable fashion. The complex relationship between mothers and daughters is so very pertinent to how we as a society, even today, act towards each other. That element is what makes this story so real and right for me. Author E. Journey has a remarkable way with words. Her character descriptions, especially surrounding my favorite character, Agnieszka Halverson, are written to perfection with a unique POV that places you deep in her thoughts and feelings. Agnieszka’s progressive growth stems from the weight of a Polish background and this is definitely a challenge that few would dare to overcome. Couple that with hints of mystery, intrigue and heartfelt emotions that are raw to the core as well as vividly portrayed and you come out with an astounding story titled Hello, Agnieszka! (Between Two Worlds Book 2). Brilliant on a whole other level.—★★★★★Michael Alexander Beas

Hello, Agnieszka! (Between Two Worlds Book 2) by E. Journey introduces us to the Halverson family, where the eldest son of the family has tried to kill himself. It shocks the family and has the effect of forcing them to uncover and look into secrets that happened to the Halverson mother in her early life. Agnieszka has done her best to raise her family and make sure they have a normal life. However, they do not know as much about her as they thought. Her story, what she went through, surprises them and most of all Elise, a young lawyer. This book is interesting, enlightening and, in some respects, heartbreaking. I can personally never understand the need to hide your past from those you love and yet I can relate to Agnieszka’s plight. All she has wanted to do is keep her family safe, ensure she raises her children well, and that they are happy and loved, at least that is how I interpreted her keeping of secrets. E Journey was a very solid and personable way of writing and tel l ing the story, with a flow hat makes the book enjoyable. There were one or two points where I felt the story slowed a little too much, but, overall, I truly did enjoy the time I spent with these characters. All families find they have to struggle with issues, this one perhaps more than most, but it makes them relatable. I would recommend this book for a good read.—★★★★Kathryn Bennett

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