Tantalizing … Alluring … Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies Review

Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies Review: 5 / 5–San Francisco Book Review

Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies weaves an intricate narrative of sex, love, and murder with the food and the restaurant industry as the backdrop. The main character, Regine, or Gina for short, dedicates the majority of her life to her work as a chef at a Michelin-star restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area before casually meeting the affluent playboy Leon, who cannot resist her charms or cooking. Through Gina’s experiences and work, Evy Journey tantalizes readers with mouth-watering sweet and savory dishes created in a variety of culinary settings. Vividly capturing iconic dishes from around the world, Journey leaves readers salivating for just one bite of the dishes featured. Within the first few pages Journey describes a luxurious dish of “medallions of raw ahi, wasabi hollandaise, on a bed of diced cucumbers, vernissage cherry tomatoes, and capers, finished with a sprinkle of toasted nori. Bon appetit!” Elsewhere, she leaves the mouths of readers watering for one taste of Mom’s “gougères, almond fig tart, and salted caramelized walnuts.” However, there’s more than meets the taste buds in this tantalizing work. Journey excites not only taste buds but also intrigue as violence and romance run rampant across the pages. Leon’s interest thrusts Gina into an unpredictable courtship fraught with bouquets of flowers, servants, and expensive getaways. Despite Gina’s best efforts to deter his advances, Leon persistently pursues Gina, wearing her down with intimate lunches at some of the tastiest food eateries around the city. His dedicated persistence and tasty treats entice Gina into a passionate relationship laden with trouble. Unfortunately, Leon’s attention brings jilted ex-partners out of the woodwork and after the unsuspecting Gina. Unaware of the depth of the romantic wounds, Gina ends up the target of their jealous rage and must find a way out of this dire situation and into the arms of her true object of affection, the reserved investigating detective Brent. This endeavor certainly won’t prove easy and may put Gina further into harm’s way. Any reader interested in romance, backstabbing ex-lovers, and delectable recipes that will inspire your own culinary creations will thoroughly delight in Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies. This alluring read is perfect for a wintery day by the fire or sunny day by the beach and will quickly become a favorite among reading circles. and will leave readers eager for the next book by Evy Journey.

Reviewed by Jessica Tingling, San Francisco Book Review

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