Hello Agnieszka

A 70s story of love, betrayal, and the healing power of music.

A passion for music. Shattered dreams. A second chance. Such was Agnieszka's past life, but to Justin and Elise, she is only a mother who plays piano exceptionally well. Her oldest son's suicide attempt forces her to reveal a past of heartache , betrayal, and a deep but tragic first love. Will she regret baring her soul to her children and threaten her relationship with her husband?

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About the Book

Her children see Agnieszka as just a mother, an affectionate one who plays the piano exquisitely. But when her oldest son attempts suicide, it almost breaks her heart and forces her to tell them of her painful past.

In the seventies, she hears her great-aunt Jola, an acclaimed young concert pianist in Poland, play at a recital. Eight-year old Agnieszka discovers a passion for music and begs her great-aunt to teach her to play. Aunt Jola agrees and finds Agnieszka’s has talent. She hones that talent and feeds the young girl’s dreams to be like her.

But Agnieska’s dreams are shattered. Her mother tells her they’re too poor to send her to the conservatory for more training. Consequently, her thorny relationship with her mother worsens.

She meets Lenny, a college student who shares her passion for music. They fall in love, renewing her hopes for happiness. Sadly, their love is marred by betrayal. They get together again, but forces outside anyone’s control end their love. But not before it leaves her with a legacy.

Her family—weighed down by its roots—casts her aside. Alone, Agnieszka makes a life for herself. Music and memories of her first love help her through her trials. She meets Charles Halverson and tries for a second chance at happiness.

Will telling her story bring Agnieszka closer to her children? Will her husband accept her need to reveal her past?

Hello Agnieszka is both a prequel and a sequel to Hello, My Love. It’s Book 2 in the series, Between Two Worlds.

Series: Between Two Worlds, Book 2
Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Family saga, Women's Fiction
Tags: coming of age, food in fiction, loss, love, music in fiction, second chances
Publisher: Sojourner Books
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780996247429
eBook Price: $2.99
" ... one of those love stories so phenomenal that it touches your heart forever."
" a beautiful narrative... an intricate, heart-wrenching coming-of-age story ... "
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