Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

The many faces of love spun into a tale of loss, past political intrigue, and a young woman’s inner journey accepting who she is.

What happens when a brokenhearted computer nerd and culinary whiz gets rescued by a relationship phobic psychologist with a dead aim and a past that haunts her? For Justin and Leilani, it's an attraction they can't deny but which each is reluctant to pursue.

More so for Leilani whose family fled their Pacific Island home for mysterious reasons when she was only nine, leaving her father behind, All she wants now is to forget the past, move forward, and dedicate herself to healing people, like her father did.

But Leilani realizes the past is impossible to run away from. A stranger from her old country arrives and Leilani's mother is forced to reveal the truth behind her family’s flight—the shocking, shameful secret about her father’s role in a deadly political web.

Leilani is devastated. Is her father still alive? Is he a hero or a villain? Can she deal with the truth?

Though shattered by the news, she's suspicious of the stranger’s motives for coming forward so many years later. Justin offers to help her research what actually happened to her father.

Together, they will try to get her father out of Leilani’s former home. Can she forgive her father, accept him for what he is? And can she reconnect with her roots and be at peace with who she is?

A standalone novel, Welcome Reluctant Stranger is Book 3 in the family saga Between Two Worlds (BTW) about three strong women coping with contemporary social and family issues.

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Series: Between Two Worlds, Book 3
Genres: Family saga, Women's Fiction
Tags: family saga, interracial love story, loss, love, romance with whodunit, second chances
Publisher: Sojourner Books
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780996247436
eBook Price: $2.99
" ... it’s realistic and it’s quite refreshing to read a down-to-earth romance."
" ... a gripping story about life and love."
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About the Book

Leilani’s mother has never set foot in her school until the day she comes to whisk her children out of their country for America, without their father and without explanation. Eighteen years later, Leilani just wants to leave the past behind, move forward. Like her long-lost father, she heals people.

Now an exotic beauty, Leilani lives in California, peacefully alone and focused on work. But everything changes one evening when, on her way home from work, she sees thugs beating a man. Sprawled on the sidewalk, he’s dead drunk. Out of instinct, Leilani rescues him.

Justin Halverson has been nursing a recent breakup. His live-in girlfriend of seven years left him for a woman. He’s miserable, more so because of a recent family tragedy. Justin hits bottom, but he thinks of his family and comes out of his black thoughts.
At the home of Elise and Greg Thorpe, he meets Leilani again. His sister has invited her to dinner.

A lovable computer nerd with a biting sense of humor, Justin finds himself attracted to Leilani. But she sees obstacles. Justin is on the rebound, and may have a rescuer complex. So, she doesn’t want to get involved. Besides, her past won’t remain buried.

A friend of her father arrives with shocking news. He is alive. The family renews its attempts to find him. Mrs. Torres realizes it’s time to tell her children the dark truth about their father’s role in a deadly political web.

Shattered by the truth, Leilani wonders: Is her father a hero or a villain? She turns to Justin for solace and finally admits she loves him. For some happy weeks, she forgets her turmoil.

But the past is impossible to run away from. Together with Justin, she must get her father out of her former home. Can she forgive her father, accept him for what he is? And can she reconnect with her roots and be at peace with who she is?

Welcome, Reluctant Stranger is Book 3 in the family saga, Between Two Worlds.

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