Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

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What happens when a brokenhearted computer nerd and culinary whiz gets rescued by a relationship phobic psychologist with a dead aim and a past that haunts her? For Justin and Leilani, it's an attraction they can't deny but which each is reluctant to pursue.

More so for Leilani whose family fled their Pacific Island home for mysterious reasons when she was only nine, leaving her father behind, All she wants now is to forget the past, move forward, and dedicate herself to healing people, like her father did.

But Leilani realizes the past is impossible to run away from. A stranger from her old country arrives and Leilani's mother is forced to reveal the truth behind her family’s flight—the shocking, shameful secret about her father’s role in a deadly political web.

Leilani is devastated. Is her father still alive? Is he a hero or a villain? Can she deal with the truth?

Though shattered by the news, she's suspicious of the stranger’s motives for coming forward so many years later. Justin offers to help her research what actually happened to her father.

Together, they will try to get her father out of Leilani’s former home. Can she forgive her father, accept him for what he is? And can she reconnect with her roots and be at peace with who she is?

A standalone novel, Welcome Reluctant Stranger is Book 3 in the family saga Between Two Worlds (BTW) about three strong women coping with contemporary social and family issues.

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